Echo Shelter

Warming Center

Winters in North County can get cold and ECHO is here for you!
The Warming Center is located at St. William's Church.
Address: 6410 Santa Lucia Rd. Atascadero
Hours: 7pm-7am
Open: 12.17-12.23
Check back for weekly updates.

If you are looking for a way to volunteer this Winter season we would love your help!
Please contact Samantha Crouse:




Thank you to the congregation at St. William's Church for their generous support in letting ECHO use their facility.


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Case Management

Within five days of entering ECHO, clients are assigned a case manager to help them resolve core issues for their homelessness and to develop a plan to get back home.


Job Assistance

ECHO provides one-on-one job assistance. Our staff helps clients identify skills, update their resumés, and search for job openings.