Success Stories

A veteran moved from Florida to California in 2014 to be near his two young children. Unable to find a job, he ran out of money and began sleeping in his truck. He heard about ECHO and came for a meal. He was admitted to the shelter and after just three weeks he found employment and housing.

There are so many stories of resiliency and hard work at ECHO. A single mother grappling with financial difficulties and other burdens became homeless with her four children. While staying at ECHO, this mother finished qualifying for a psychiatric technician license and secured employment at the state hospital. A section 8 housing voucher helped this family move into a new home in January.

Because of her husband’s illness and hospitalization, a mother and child lost their housing and became homeless. While staying at ECHO, her husband passed away in Santa Barbara Cottage hospital. ECHO and Womenade helped her receive the remains of her late husband. During this difficult time, she found employment and is now receiving Social Security survivors benefits. A section 8 voucher enabled this mother and child to find housing and move forward in life.

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