Overnight Chaperones

Overnight Chaperones
If you’re seeking personal interaction and a social atmosphere, ECHO provides a unique volunteer experience that’s sure to be fun and fulfilling. Join us as an overnight volunteer. ECHO provides overnight shelter every night of the year, therefore at least two volunteers must stay overnight with the guests as chaperones to help supervise the evening. They arrive at 5:00 pm and hang out with the guests as dinner wraps up. An overnight orienter gives the volunteers a tour, reviews the rules and helps them settle in for the night. And to make sure that everything runs smoothly, the volunteers sleep in four hour shifts during the night. This volunteer position is unique among organizations because it provides the chance to get to know our guests in a personal way. It also provides the option of serving with someone you know in a quiet and family-like setting. Give it a try, you’re sure to enjoy it. If you’re interested in volunteering as an overnight chaparone, please call Rebekah Livermore,
Overnight Volunteer Coordinator, 805-462-7527, echo.chaperones@gmail.com.

Current Overnight Chaperones
Please take the time to download and read the three documents listed below which contain important information to help provide the best services to our clients during your volunteer shift. These forms go over volunteer duties and safety issues which will help you to complete your shift in the safest and most effective manner. Thank you.

ECHO Nightly Timeline 2015

Directions to ECHO from San Luis Obispo


John Scully, a retired high school counselor, and his daughter, Meagan Scully, a first grade teacher at St. Rose Elementary School, volunteer as overnight chaperones. John and Meagan spend one night a year as ECHO chaperones. They point to the fact that the shelter runs smoothly because of the effort which goes into seeing that all are safe

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