Other Volunteers

El Camino Homeless Organization is a volunteer-run organization. Thousands of ECHO volunteers from the north county of San Luis Obispo as well as students from Cal Poly and Cuesta Colleges have operated the shelter for 13 years.

A wide variety of volunteer opportunities are available:

Do you have a few hours to spare?

2 hours –You may be an Outdoor Monitor between 4:15-6:15pm

2 hours – You may “work the desk” as an Intake Worker between 4-6pm

2 hours – You may oversee serving the food in the kitchen as a Greeter between 4-6pm

14 hours –You may serve as Overnight Chaperone between 5pm and 7am*

1 or 2 hours –You may use your computer skills as a Data Inputer (pick your own hours)

Or help clean around the shelter or wash laundry in your own home.


* YES! It is true: ECHO has been open every night since December 10, 2001 and each night we have had 2 or 3 volunteer overnight supervisors who find themselves sleepy but enriched the next day.



  1. Geri Wilhelm


    Do you have volunteer positions for teens?

    Thank you.

    1. Robin Smith

      Hi Geri,
      Since we have many school-aged children at the shelter (their parents are homeless), we have limited opportunities for teen volunteers at the shelter facility. We have this policy to avoid a teen volunteer from discovering that a classmate is homeless. However, teens can organize fundraising projects or volunteer at ECHO fundraising events. There may be off-site volunteer work available such as laundry. Please contact Mimi Rodriguez, Volunteer Coordinator, 462-3663, for more information. Thanks for supporting ECHO!

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