Meal Providers

Experience first-hand the small town atmosphere of volunteering with ECHO. Serving meals is a hands-on, interactive experience. ECHO serves meals to about 80 hungry people 365 days of the year. This requires a lot of volunteers to prepare and serve the hot dinners. The meals can be homemade or purchased. We welcome organizations or individuals to come and help. Dinner is served every night between 5-6:00pm and normally requires 2-3 people to serve it to the guests. Opportunities in this area can include serving one week out of the year, one day every month, or simply helping fill in the days that are needed. You decide when you or your organization can serve and what type of warm meal you will serve, and we provide the hungry people to finish it up. Please Note: The meals are not cooked at ECHO. They need to be brought to the shelter already prepared. However, the ECHO kitchen may be used to warm-up a dish before serving. Currently we have 45 groups who serve at ECHO; however, we need more! Please call 462-3663 if you can help!


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